Scheduling Classes/Reports

Scheduling Procedures

All students are guaranteed enrollment in all required classes, e.g. 新约. Availability may be limited in elective classes, e.g. Visual Art 2/Drawing.

Incoming freshman students are placed into courses after analysis of their entrance test scores, review of personal requests, and assessment of their junior high school transcripts.

Transfer students are placed into courses after consideration of their personal requests and assessment of their high school transcripts.

Continuing students review placements and select classes in the second semester for the following year. When maximum class enrollment is reached in elective classes, students are placed in alternate selections. Again, elective enrollments are not finalized until the master schedule is completed. 


学生 seeking a schedule change may do so at no cost during the Add/Drop period (August 1, 2024 through August 12, 2024). To request a schedule change, please visit your student portal select “Schedule Change Request Change Request” button, and complete the online form. Requests made after August 12, 2024 will be charged a $25.00 fee for any change to first or second semester classes. The final date to add or drop a class is August 23, 2024. 学生 making a request to drop a course after school begins must have written parent and counselor approval.

Schedule Change Fee

学生 will be charged a fee of $25.00 unless the change is initiated by the 政府 for first and second semester class changes after August 12th.

报告卡 and Unofficial 成绩单

Report cards and transcripts may be printed from the school's Student or 家长门户. Report cards are posted at the conclusion of the 1st and 3rd quarter (Oct. & 3月.) and transcripts are posted at the end of each semester (Jan. & 5月). Official transcripts maybe requested by going to the Student or 家长门户: 咨询>Transcript Request. 


成绩单 for 校友

Individuals seeking SAT and ACT results should contact 大学理事会 直接.
校友 student transcripts may be requested by 点击这里

成绩单 for Current 学生

Individuals seeking SAT and ACT results should contact 大学理事会 直接.

Current student transcripts may be requested by going to Student or 家长门户: 咨询>Transcript Request. Graduating seniors are allowed ten (10) free copies of transcripts. A final or 8th semester transcript will be sent at no charge to the accepting college or university. Original transcripts are maintained in the Office of the Registrar. The fee for sending additional transcripts is $5.00 per copy that is to be paid at the time the request is made.

Unofficial 成绩单 for Current 学生

成绩单 may be printed from the school's Parent or student Portal or contact your child's counselor.

Withdrawal Procedure

The parent of a student who intends to withdraw from AMHS must contact Lori Robowski the principal's assistant to schedule a disenrollment meeting with Ms. Kate Caputo, Principal.